Flex Agricultural Service center opened on August 29, 2023. Located in East Xincheng country, Xingshou town, Changping District, Beijing.


In an effort to expand the business and offer affordable agricultural production materials to the general public, CHINASOURCING E&T CO., LTD. opened the first Flex Agricultural Service center, that aims to cater to the farming community by providing a wide range of fertilizers, agricultural machinery, agricultural science materials, and other agricultural products, all managed, purchased, and distributed by CHINASOURCING E&T CO., LTD.


One of the primary objectives of the Flex Agricultural service center is to ensure that farmers can easily access the agricultural materials they require at reasonable prices. By reducing procurement costs, the service center is able to offer its products at ultra-low prices without compromising on quality. This is good news for farmers, as it means they can conveniently purchase the materials they need closer to their homes, saving both time and money in the process.


Not only is Flex Agricultural service center focused on providing affordable products, but it also emphasizes the importance of agricultural technology services. The store has agricultural technicians who are available to guide farmers on how to choose high-quality fertilizers, promote rational fertilization techniques, and educate them on the scientific use of pesticides. Additionally, the store has set up agricultural information bulletin boards to disseminate valuable information on planting and breeding technology, as well as pest control knowledge.


Taking their commitment to agricultural education a step further, the Flex Agricultural service center plans to have professional and experienced agricultural technicians regularly visit rural areas to conduct classroom training sessions. These technicians will also distribute technical leaflets to farmers, ensuring that they are well-informed and up-to-date with the latest agricultural practices. By providing these considerate and high-quality services, the service center aims to benefit farmers by improving their knowledge and expertise in agricultural matters.


The ultimate goal of Flex Agricultural service center is to support farmers by offering them high-quality products at reasonable prices, while also providing them with professional and scientific agricultural technology services. This holistic approach aims to enhance agricultural practices and boost the productivity and sustainability of farming operations in the community.


With the opening of the Flex Agricultural service center, CHINASOURCING E&T CO., LTD. is set to revolutionize the agricultural materials market. By providing a one-stop-shop for farmers, the store aims to streamline the procurement process and make agricultural materials more accessible to all. As the service center continues to grow and expand its reach, it is clear that it will play a significant role in transforming the agricultural landscape and fostering the development of the farming community.        


Post time: Aug-30-2023