ChinaSourcing Alliance

In 2005, we organized ChinaSourcing Alliance, which gathered more than 40 manufacturing enterprises involved in a wide range of industries. The establishment of the alliance further improved our service quality. In 2021, the annual output of ChinaSourcing Alliance reached up to 25 billion RMB.


Every member of ChinaSourcing Alliance was selected after strict screening and represents the highest level of Chinese machinery manufacturing. And all the members have obtained CE certification. Connecting all the members as one, we can always make the fastest response to customers' sourcing request and provide Overall Solution.


The process capabilities of the alliance members include die casting, sand casting, investment casting, punched stamping, progressive stamping, welding, all kinds of machining, and all kinds of surface treatment and post treatment.  

With multiple process capabilities, we can truly achieve one-stop sourcing.

All the members in ChinaSourcing Alliance apply our original methodologies, Q-CLIMB and Gating Process, in the production, to continuously improve the quality and reduce the cost and to meet the customers’ requests. 

The alliance holds annual meeting every year. At the meetings, the members give a presentation on their annual work and achievement, share resources and information, and discuss current problems and efficient solutions.


ChinaSourcing Alliance factories


ChinaSourcing Alliance annual meeting

Together, ChinaSourcing Alliance members pursue a same goal: higher quality, lower cost and 100% customer satisfaction.