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  • Happy New Year

    Happy New Year

    As we embark upon a new year, we from ChinaSourcing E&T Co. Ltd. extend warm greetings and best wishes for a prosperous and joyous year ahead. We are grateful for the support and trust of our customers, partners, and employees over the past year, and we look forward to continued collaboration...
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  • BRI forum brings world closer together

    BRI forum brings world closer together

    Connectivity, mutual benefit, common development, cooperation and win-win outcomes in focus as leaders from across the globe gather in Beijing, while the event also offers an opportunity for exchanges in a wide range of fields.
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  • China mulls additional policy support for industrial sector

    China mulls additional policy support for industrial sector

    BEIJING – China has pledged to consider additional supportive policies for the industrial sector and make these policies more targeted and effective to promote the high-quality development of the sector. “We should grasp the critical period of economic transformation and upgrading, pr...
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  • China’s Export of Machine Tools

    China’s Export of Machine Tools

    Chinasourcing’ – The Gateway to China’s Export of High-Precision Machine Tools China has emerged as a global manufacturing powerhouse and a key player in the export of high-precision machine tools. The country’s abundant resources, cost-effective labor, and technological a...
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  • Purchasing Integrated Services

    Purchasing Integrated Services

    Title: The Benefits of Purchasing Integrated Services with Highly Customizable High-Precision Processing Products Introduction: In today’s rapidly evolving technological landscape, businesses across various industries are increasingly seeking integrated solutions that offer not only efficie...
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  • Our Sourcing Solutions

    Our Sourcing Solutions

    As an experienced sourcing company, Chinasourcing E&T Co., LTD understands the importance of finding ways to save costs for our clients while still providing high-quality products and services. In this article, we will discuss how our sourcing solutions can help businesses save costs in their...
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  • ChinaSourcing: The Booming Export Market and Machining Customization Support

    ChinaSourcing: The Booming Export Market and Machining Customization Support

    According to a recent report, China’s exports are booming, solidifying its position as a global manufacturing and sourcing hub. As the world’s largest exporter, China is renowned for its vast range of products, competitive pricing, and efficient supply chains. In particular, ChinaR...
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  • Offering Custom Workpiece

    Offering Custom Workpiece

    We are excited to announce that our company is now offering custom workpiece shapes and sizes, thanks to our partnership with factories all over the country. With this new service, our customers can receive precisely tailored workpieces to meet their specific needs. For years, our company has bee...
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  • Sourcing Machining

    Sourcing Machining

    Sourcing Machining: The Key to Efficient and Customizable Metal Parts Export from China When it comes to China export customization metal parts, sourcing machining is becoming a popular approach that many companies are now looking into. Through this process, manufacturers in China are able to pro...
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  • Export And Import Trade

    Export And Import Trade

    In recent years, the Chinese economy has been booming, and its export and import trade has been playing a vital role in this growth. A contributing factor to this growth has been the sourcing of export machinery and workpieces, which China has become renowned for. The export of machinery and work...
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  • Custom new parts

    Custom new parts

    ChinaSourcing E&T Co., Ltd customs all new parts to meet the growing demand of the global market In response to the growing need for high-quality and reliable products in the global market, ChinaSourcing E&T Co., Ltd has announced that they will be ordering all new parts to meet the deman...
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  • Innovative And Efficient Solutions

    Innovative And Efficient Solutions

    Chinasourcing E&T Co., LTD is a company that takes pride in supplying high-quality OEM solutions to meet the specific needs of its customers. The company is known for providing a full range of manufacturing services, spanning from design to production, which ensures that they are well-equippe...
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