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Barksdale, a wholly-owned subsidiary of a large multinational group,  is an ISO 9001:2015 registered manufacturer of controls for industrial applications, specializing in the control and measurement of fluids.

 In 2014, one of the original suppliers of Barksdale announced increase of price, which put much pressure on Barksdale. As a result, Barksdale turned to China for solution and it was then that they began cooperation with us ChinaSourcing.

It was our philosophy that attracted Barksdale the most. “cost saving, quality assurance, on-time delivery and continuous improvement, these are exactly what we need!” Said the supply chain manager of Barksdale. And it was our one-stop value-added service that made them believe that they can make it in China with the least input.

After fully informed about requests of Barksdale, we recommended YH Autoparts Co., Ltd. as our manufacturer for this project. We organized meetings and two-sided visits, after which YH received full recognition by Barksdale.

The cooperation began with the stamping part model QA005 used in air suspending valve for trucks. Nowadays, we supply more than 200 models of stamping parts for Barksdale, which are mainly used in trucks. And the annual order volume reached up to 400 thousand USD.

Our technical persons did a lot of work to help YH break through technical barriers and make improvement. Example as follows:

Difficult Point:  0.006 Positional Tolerance



How we solved it:
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