We provide one-stop value-added sourcing service. We find qualified suppliers for you and guide you through the entire manufacture and trade process. For complicated projects, we can work together with manufacturers to work out the details of your requirements, to design the products and to monitor production. We promise you more than 30% cost reduction on basis of our professional operation in each process.


Four Key Elements Of Our Service

★ Quick supplier selection with the lowest cost
★ Quality assurance
★ 100% on-time-delivery according to customers' schedule
★ Continuous improvement


Cs Original Methodologies

In long-term practice, we innovated two methodologies-- Q-CLIMB and GATING PROCESS, which help guarantee our service quality, keep our competitiveness and continuously improve.


Quality    Cost    Logistics    Improvement   Management Breakthrough


●Select qualified suppliers
●Help define and identifycritical product features
●Monitor the plan execution
●Conduct first article, samplingor final inspections or tests
●Conduct regularly tracking,monitoring and recording of the suppliers’performances
●Guarantee consistency and reliability of the products delivered to the customers


●Employ the tool of Value Engineering to eliminate the costs resulting from non-value-added process
●Apply latest management techniques to increase productivity
●Effective cost control team


●Minimize lead time
●Experienced merchandisers
●Advanced order management system
●Long-term cooperation with strong international logistics companies
●Provide local warehousing and distribution service at North America and Europe upon the requests of customers.


●Application of 6S, 6-Sigma, Lean, Kaizen
●Large investment in R&D to sustain our competitiveness
●Always apply the latest manufacturing technology
●Regular staff training

Management Breakthrough

●Interpret Voice of Customers (VOC) into clear Critical Customer Requirements(CCR)
●Embed the CCRs in suppliers' long, medium and short-term strategy
●Guide suppliers to establish customer-oriented culture

Gating Process

Supplier Investigation
(1) Completed Supplier Survey
(2) Completed Commodity-Specific RFIs if applicable
(3) On-the-spot investigation
(4)Complete supplier investigation report

Sample Qualification
(1) Sample or Tooling PO issued
(2) Verified Supplier's CPCs thru FMEA or Equivalent Way
(3) Completed Supplier's Control Plan or Equivalent
(4) Supplier Control Plan Approved if Applicable
(5) Completed Tooling Verification if Applicable
(6) Completed FAIs
(7) Approved FAI

Supplier Performance
(1)Conduct Incoming Inspection
(2)Communicate Quality Defect, Delivery Problem and Corrective Action Requirements
(3) Update Supplier Control Plans
(4)Ongoing Process Audits


Sourcing Request
(1) Completed Sourcing Request Form by Customer
(2) Completed Sourcing Request Form by CS
(3) Completed Correct Prints, Specs & Samples
(4) Clarified Engineering Questions (EQ)

Supplier Appointment
(1)Signed NDA
(2)Presented Q-Climb with Supplier Mgmnt
(3) RFQ sent to suppliers
(4) Supplier quote analysis
(5) Complete process audit report
(6)Signed contract / pricing agreement.

Order Fulfillment
(1) First Production PO issued
(2) Completed SPRR
(3) 1st Batch Production Followed & Completed 1st Batch Audit
(4) First Production Product Inspection at Customer