We have supplied hundreds of thousands kinds of products for more than 100 customers. Here are some typical cases for your reference.

  • Manhole Cover

    Manhole Cover

    Deschacht, a Belgian building material company with a history of 65 years, encountered a problem of high cost and faced the possibility of losing competitiveness in the wave of globalization. To break the predicament, in 2008, Deschacht decided to transfer part of their production to China where there were both labor cost advantage and industry advantage. For every company entering China for the first time, the main challenge is the lack of market knowledge and the difficulties in transnation...
  • Corrugated Pipe

    Corrugated Pipe

    UG is an old family-owned enterprise from Australia, specializing in building material manufacture. They once cooperated briefly with Chinese companies on component production in 2005~2006, but the cooperation ended because of difficulties in communication and remote quality management. In 2011, in face of continuously increasing domestic labor cost and external competitive pressure, UG decided to restart the sourcing strategy in China and transfer the production of corrugated pipes first. Th...