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1. Including various controllers used in domestic appliances such as washing machines, refrigerators, air conditioners, electromagnetic cookers, and etc. and in controllers for instrument apparatus, sensors, detectors, machines, and etc.

2. Providing PCB assemblies (conventional and surface mounted), industrial control system development and manufacturing services.

Supplier Profile

Wuxi Jiewei Electronics Co., Ltd. was established in December 2006 in Liyuan Economic Development Zone, Wuxi City. It is an electronic manufacturing and processing enterprise.

The company integrates research and development, manufacturing and processing, and mainly undertakes the assembly and processing of various types of circuit boards; the development and manufacturing of controllers is provided for complete machine manufacturers. The controllers involved cover a wide range, including motor controllers, gas alarm controllers, controllers of other types of electrical appliances, power tool controllers, instrumentation controllers, sensors, machinery equipment controllers, etc.

The company adopts brand-new SMT equipment imported from Japan, reflow soldering equipment imported from the United States, and wave soldering equipment from Taiwan to ensure that we provide customers with the best quality products; we cooperate with customers in flexible and diverse ways, which can be OEM, ODM or joint development design.


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