Wheel Excavator W285W-9 Standard Arm

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Wheel Excavator W285W-9 Standard Arm


Standard Bucket Capacity 0.3m³
Whole Weight 8000kg
Engine Model YC4FA65
Net Engine Power 48kw/2200rpm
Fuel Tank Volume 120L
Pump Form Variable Displacement Piston Pump
Pump Set Pressure 21Mpa
Rated Flow 59X2+34.5L/min
Swing Motor Axial Piston Motor
Hydraulic Tank Capacity 110L

Features & Advantages

Using domestic excellent Yuchai National III engine, high torque, low displacement, energy saving and environmental protection, economical and fuel saving about 10%.

The open throttle control hydraulic system configured by the variable piston pump improves the working efficiency by 10%-15%.

In response to market demand, we have developed different types of working devices that can be equipped with breakers, shell buckets, multi-claw claws, and wooden forks, which can adapt to different working environments.

Suplior profile

WG, established in 1988 in Jiangsu Province, is a big group enterprise engaged in machinery manufacturing. Its products cover agricultural machinery, garden machinery, construction machinery, forging machinery, and auto parts. In 2020, WG had nearly 20 thousand employees and the annual income exceeded 20 billion Yuan ($2.9 billion).


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