10254078Development prospect of China’s machining industry in 2020-2026


Driven by a huge market and supported by policies, China has become the world’s largest machining and manufacturing base and application market for tunneling machinery, and domestic tunneling machinery has also formed a certain competitiveness in the international market. However, there are still many problems in domestic machining industry. A unified, open and fully competitive market is an important condition for the healthy and sustainable development of machining industry.


In recent years, the production capacity of mechanical parts cannot keep up with the development of the market, and parts processing has become a scarce resource. The current market prospect of this industry is very promising. However, considering the future development, enterprises should strengthen the maintenance and construction of the supply chain, and enhance the strategic cooperation of the integration of zero, so as to effectively overcome the risks and impacts of industrial economic fluctuations on the production and operation of spare parts enterprises. To give full play to the advantages of equipment, parts enterprises in recent years began to diversify into the parts processing field of related machinery industry. The current situation of machine parts processing is in short supply, but can not ignore the quality in order to obtain the quantity. The current machine parts processing needs to meet the shape accuracy, dimension accuracy, position accuracy three characteristics in order to meet the market demand, maintain a sustainable development state. At present, the processing of machinery parts in our country still has a great development space, whether in technology and demand can not completely meet the needs of the market.


With the development of domestic economy, machine parts processing market is facing great opportunities and challenges. In terms of market competition, the number of machine parts processing enterprises is increasing, and the market is facing the asymmetry between supply and demand. The machine parts processing industry has a strong demand for further reshuffle, but there is still a large space for development in some machine parts processing market segments, and information technology will become the core competitiveness.

Post time: Nov-16-2022