2Mechanical processing is the process of machining parts and components to improve the overall size of the workpiece or change the performance. Many people pay more attention to the development of the mechanical processing industry. Therefore, in view of this problem, Xiaobian will analyze the current situation and future development trend of the mechanical processing industry.

Machining industry development status: with the rapid development of modern processing technology and processing technology, many advanced processing technology methods have slowly appeared, such as micro machining technology, rapid prototyping technology, precision machining technology and so on.

 1. Micromachining technology

 With the development of micro/nano science and technology, micro machines with small shape, small size or small operation scale have become a high-tech technology for people to understand and transform micro. Because micromachines can operate in a small space without disturbing the working environment and objects, they have broad application potential in aerospace, precision instruments, biomedicine and other fields, and become an important means of nanotechnology research. It is highly valued and listed as one of the key technologies of the 21st century.

 2. Rapid prototyping processing technology

Rapid prototyping was developed in the 20th century to rapidly manufacture samples or parts from CAD models. This is a material stacking manufacturing method, that is, by stacking materials in order to complete the three-dimensional molding. Rapid prototyping technology combines CNC technology, material technology, laser technology and CAD technology and other modern scientific and technological achievements, is an important part of modern machining technology.

Commonly used mechanical processing equipment: the machinery required for processing includes digital display milling machine, digital display forming grinder, digital display lathe, electric discharge machining machine, grinder, machining center, laser welding, medium line, fast line, slow line, cylindrical grinder, internal grinder, precision lathe, etc., can process precision parts, such as turning, milling, planing and grinding. This type of machine specializes in turning, milling, planing and grinding precision parts, and can process a variety of irregular shapes with machining accuracy up to 2μm.

Post time: Dec-28-2022