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Project Overview

FL, a Danish company, has rich experience in design and manufacture of spider lifts at a high level for 40 years. The spider lift they produce is the only one on the market that can pass through a single door and still reach amazing working heights of up to 52 meters.

In 2009, in face of increased cost, FL decided to transfer part of the production to China, and started cooperation with us ChinaSourcing.

First our project team visited FL for study and technical communication, then after returning home, our team carried out a supplier investigation and appointed  BK Co.,Ltd. as the manufacturer for FL project.

In 2010, BK started prototype development of assembly units of model FS290, including base, arm, suspended-wagon, turret, etc. Later the prototype development of other models started one after another.

In 2018, because of the remarkable cost saving and our stable performance in long term, FL increased the order volume and appointed us to assembly work.

We made every effort in every stage of the cooperation to ensure the smooth process of the project. Our technical persons did a lot of work in technical communications and help the three manufacturers with the difficulties in technology and production process. In mass production stage, our quality control manager tracks every step of the production. Also, aiming at problems concerning equipment, management and staff quality, we find the best solutions to continuously improve the product quality, reduce the manufacture cost and improve efficiency. And our logistics manager has been always doing an excellent job to assure 100% on-time delivery according to FL’s schedule.

We always try our best to offer professional service to customers who pursue global sourcing strategy.

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