Wheel Excavator W260W-9

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Crawler excavator W2425LC-8


Standard Bucket Capacity 0.23m³
Whole Weight 5900kg
Engine Model 4G33T
Net Engine Power 44.1KW/2400rpm
Maximum Torque 260N.m/1400-1700rpm
Idle 1000rpm
Rated Flow 59X2+34.5L/min

Features & Advantages

1. Economy, energy saving and environmental protection

44KW high power, high torque National III EFI engine, energy saving, emission reduction, green and environmental protection.

The 120L large-volume diesel tank greatly improves the user's operating life.

2. Safe, comfortable and beautiful

KW high-power, large-displacement air conditioner, cooling quickly, allowing users to cool down in summer.

3. Convenient, smart and effective

The pressure-sensing automatic variable motor can be adjusted in time according to the needs of the terrain, increase the torque on the uphill, and improve the traction; increase the speed on the flat road and improve the transition efficiency.

4. Strong, durable and reliable

The self-made high-performance wheel-side reduction axle is specially designed for the working conditions of wheeled excavators.

The transmission efficiency and parts life are better than the market average.

Reinforced frame and platform structure design, reliable life, complete control of earthwork and crushing.

Suplior profile

WG, established in 1988 in Jiangsu Province, is a big group enterprise engaged in machinery manufacturing. Its products cover agricultural machinery, garden machinery, construction machinery, forging machinery, and auto parts. In 2020, WG had nearly 20 thousand employees and the annual income exceeded 20 billion Yuan ($2.9 billion).


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