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HD Co., Lt., located in Yangzhou, Jiangsu Province, is expert at precise stamping die, precise sheet metal fabrication, precise machinery manufacturing and intelligent temperature controlling system.


Sourcing Story

Established in 1914 in the US, M.A. is one of the world’s biggest manufacturers in personal protective equipment and safety monitor industry. The company has world-class labs and complete worldwide service network. The number of employees exceeds 4800.

In 2014, M.A. started its sourcing strategy in China and chose ChinaSourcing as its sourcing partner, pursuing cost advantage, good supply chain management, and professional knowledge in Chinese market. After strict screening, we selected HD as our manufacturing partner for M.A. project.

The products of M.A. are complicated in structure, and require extremely high precision and high quality. To promoted the project smoothly, ChinaSourcing project team visited M.A. several times for investigation and technology exchange. During the prototype development stage, the technical persons from ChinaSourcing and HD worked together and devoted a lot of energy to solve the technical problems. The key problems and our corresponding solutions are as follows:

1.Problem: screw thread match within 1/4 turn

Picture 2(2)

Solution A : Place the protrusion of the part into the groove corresponding to the tooling, tighten the screws
Solution B: Install and clamp the tooling on the machine, remove the tooling to ensure that the protrusion is always in a fixed position,this also ensures the unity of the screw thread.

Picture 2(3)

Picture 2(3)


2.Problem: Inner hole chamfering tool, angle inconsistent

Solution: Adjusted custom tool.Greatly reduced the fitter work. Good appearance consistency.


3.Problem: A bonding at the screw thread, the work piece size is too small to fit.

Solution: We sent machining finished products to sintering manufacturers for welding before. Now we send machining semi-finished products for welding and then process into finished products. Test qualified.


In 2016, the prototypes passed the test of M.A., and the project entered mass production stage.

Now HD manufactures 4 models of components for M.A., among which IR5500 bracket is the most complicated one. And the annual order volume reaches more than 8000 pieces. Throughout the whole production and logistics process, we use our methodology, GATING PROCESS and Q-CLIMB, to assure the quality and meet the needs of M.A. As the cooperation has entered a stable stage, we are actively promoting the development of new products.

ChinaSourcing project team visited M.A. for investigation and technology exchange

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