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Original one-step forming of thread, which assures the accuracy of thread dimensions and helps reduce the cost.

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Features and Advantages

1. Original one-step forming of thread, which assures the accuracy of thread dimensions and helps reduce the cost

2. 70% tooling cost reduction

Supplier Profile

YH Autoparts Co., Ltd., established in 2014 in Xinji, Jiangsu Province, was invested by Feida Group and GH Co., Ltd. In 2015, it joined ChinaSourcing Alliance and quickly became a core member. Now it has 40 workers, 6 technical persons & engineers.
The company produces mainly various types of automobile stamping parts, drawing parts and welding parts, etc. It owns more than 100 sets of equipment and offers components to Yizheng filiale. Their core products----oil coolers are purchased by IVECO, YiTUO CHINA, Quanchai, Xinchai and JMC.



Sourcing Case

VSW, one of the best-known carmakers, had been implementing global sourcing strategy in China for a long time. In 2018, VSW decided to appoint a new Chinese supplier for its locking socket production. However, with so many manufacturers in the market, it was not easy to find the most suitable one. So they came to us ChinaSourcing.

After fully understanding the needs and requirements of VSW, our project team members got down to action quickly. The team  did on-spot supplier investigation and finished supplier investigation report in only a few days. Then, after our discussion with VSW, YH Autoparts Co., Ltd. was selected.

Daisy Wu, the technical person in our project team, played an important role in the early stage to help communicate technical requirements and design the production process.

In 2019, after the sample was qualified, ChinaSourcing, VSW and YH began the formal cooperation.

During the cooperation, with our help, YH kept improving the production techniques and solved a critical technical problem----one-step forming of thread, which assured the accuracy of thread dimensions and helped reduce the cost, and could not be achieved by any other suppliers of VSW.

YH achieved one-step forming of thread using single position die. The tool cost of YH was just 30% of that of other suppliers who used progressive die.

Now YH manufactures locking socket for several models of VSW.

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