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MTS, located in Germany with branch offices around the world, designs and manufactures scrap and waste processing equipment for steel industry, scrap yards and waste handling plants, also provides waste and metal recycling solutions for customers. Their recycling machines combine great performance with versatility and reliability.
MTS had been implementing global sourcing strategy in China for some time, outsourcing wear parts of large garbage shredders to a company in Zhejiang Province, but the result was not satisfactory due to the ineffective communication and disorganized production management, which led to high cost resulting from non-value-added processes.
In 2016, MTS decided to make a change, and began cooperation with ChinaSourcing.
We conducted thorough investigation on their project at the time and advised them to replace the original supplier with a new one, JinHui Co.Ltd., a member of CS Alliance with better quality management system and higher production capacity.
Then began the formal tripartite cooperation among MTS, ChinaSourcing and JinHui.
The products of the project include bearing, bearing house, shaft end and distance ring, all of which are used in large garbage shredder. MTS’s large garbage shredders are of high capacity up to 23t/h at 50mm and 28t/h at 100 mm, which means every part of the shredder requires extremely high quality.
So we devoted a lot of energy to production process design, technology breakthrough and prototype development. Soon the prototype passed the test of MTS, and our efficiency really impressed MTS.
In mass production stage, we make every effort in every process to assure the quality and on-time delivery. Our quality control manager applies ChinaSourcing original methodologies, Q-CLIMB and GATING PROCESS, to the whole production. Our logistics manager performs earnestly every step from order confirmation, production arrangement to progress tracking and delivery arrangement. And we successfully helped MTS achieve 35% cost reduction.
As the cooperation has entered a stable stage, we are actively promoting the development of new products.

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